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Best of Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour Volume 1
1h 50m Documentary 2021
She Surfs Film Tour 2021
3h 20m Surfing, documentary 2021
Best of Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour Volume 2
1h 40m Documentary 2021
1h 31m Documentary, Adventure 2019
Run India
43m Doc, Adventure 2019
Banff Mountain Film Festival 2021 - BLUE program
1h 45m Documentary, Climbing 2021
It is the People: A Pacific Crest Trail Film
17m Documentary, Hiking 2020
Approach to Caliche
6m Documentary, climbing 2021
Choosing to Live
8m Documentary, Biking 2020
Tanya the Hut Warden
5m Documentary, Female 2017
Four Mums in a Boat
30m Documentary, Ocean 2017
Par for the Course
4m Documentary, Adventure 2019
The Shark Net Film
32m Documentary, Marine 2019
Follow Through
22m Documentary, skiing 2017
Looking Out
9m Documentary, Adventure 2018
In Perpetual Motion
5m Documentary, Female Focus 2018
Way East
20m Adventure, Documentary 2016
Three Women and Three Old Men
10m Documentary, Climbing 2017
Where the Wild Things Play
4m Adventure, Female Focus 2017
Turtley Addicted
15m Documentary, Wildlife 2018
Blue Hue
6m Documentary 2015
Winter Fox
7m Documentary, Skiing 2018