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Four Mums in a Boat

30m Documentary, Ocean, Sport 2017

A crowd favourite from the Ocean Film Festival 2017. When four middle aged working British mums announced they wanted to row the Atlantic Ocean, their families thought they had lost their minds. With an average age of 47 and two children each, the women had no ocean rowing experience when they decided to follow their dreams and attempt the unthinkable.

Three years later they were lining up with some of the world’s strongest ocean adventurers at the starting line of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Considered one of the toughest ocean endurance challenges known to mankind the odds were stacked against the mums from the start.

This is the story of four ordinary women who dared to dream of becoming world record breakers as the oldest women to ever row an ocean. Four Mums in a Boat is a journey of determination, personal discovery and hope.

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