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Turtley Addicted

15m Documentary, Wildlife, Ocean 2018

One of our Ocean Film Festival favourites featuring some amazing ocean guardians. Every morning in Cairns Australia, a group gathers at the Marina, for a special journey. They’re a mixed bunch from all over, but have one thing in common. These people, are turtle addicts. And today, they’re headed to rehab. Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre is on tropical Fitzroy Island. It’s staffed by around 150 volunteers, who work tirelessly, to save sick and injured turtles found in the waters of Great Barrier Reef. Turtley Addicted is an Island of Hope in what can often seem a sea of sadness. While we may be surrounded by an increasing awareness of what we have to lose in our seas, this film is a reminder that we need to get on with the task of doing, and that through volunteering and connecting to creatures like sea turtles, we can find a peace and joy we might never have known.

To find out more about how you can volunteer or donate, go to: Additional footage thanks to Christian Miller


Tess Brosnan


Jemima Robinson






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