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Slack Lining in Lebanon

2m Documentary, Slacklining 2018

Crossing the Lines’ program teaching refugees to slackline began in Lebanon in March, 2017 through a partnership with cirquenciel, a local circus arts school. In one day, Crowwing the Lines taught more than 150 kids the basics of slacklining at a school in Beirut.

Slacklining teaches balance, coordination, and fine muscle control. It also provides a playful challenge and helps people of all ages improve self-confidence and determination. Slacklining can also increase academic performance in school aged children by increasing their ability for focus and concentration. There is also some indication that slacklining can alleviate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

This heartwarming short film shows their work in action.

You too can support Crossing the Lines and the work they do. All donations sent to Crossing Lines in May 2020 will be forwarded to their partners in Lebanon who are still working with refugee youth during this time. Their programs currently focus on education, teaching health and hygiene practices, and distributing necessities. DONATE AT