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Best of Ocean Film Festival World Tour Vol. 2

2h 20m Documentary 2020


Jump on board and immerse yourself in our oceans with this specially curated collection of crowd favourites from the Ocean Film Festival World Tour previous 7 years. This program features 6 audience favourites.

Films include: The Accord, Gold of Bengal, Forever - Tony Plant, Whale Chasers, The Big Wave Project.

The Accord: 19 mins A story about the turbulent love-hate between an Icelandic surfer and the North Atlantic wind. Follow Heiðar Logi on his journey through Iceland searching for that rare, yet significant, compromise that brings both - Icelandic surfers and the wind to the table.

Gold of Bengal: 44 mins Frenchman Corentin de Chatelperron on a voyage through the islands of Indonesia in a boat crafted entirely from jute composite. Three years in the making the objective was to build a boat entirely from found and reused objects and a hull crafted from a sustainable fibre prevalent in Bangledesh that would offer a cheap, sustainable and viable alternative to fibreglass. With an eight person team comprised of French and Bangladeshi scientists, students and boat builders the “Gold of Bengal” was the result.

Forever – Tony Plant : 3 mins Be awed by the talent and commitment of artist Tony Plant.

One Breath: A life without gravity : 6 mins An immersive insight into the life of a freediving duo and landbased husband and wife. Eusebio, originally from Bilbao, Spain is a former national record holder in the three depth categories and one of the few men in the world to freedive self-powered to 100 metres below the surface. Christina, originally from Sydney, is an 8-time national record holder with self-powered divers to 85 metres in depth and a variable weight dive to 2015 metres in dept. Self-taught photographers they are based on the tropical island of Koh Tao, Thailand and travel the world capturing the sensations of the ocean on one breath alone.

Whale Chasers : 18 mins Sitting high on a rugged hilltop looking out over New Zealand’s Cook Strait, an unusual team of senior ‘citizen scientists’ keeps watch for migrating humpback whales. They’re spotting for the Cook Strait Whale Count – a study into the recovery of New Zealand’s humpback population since the end of New Zealand whaling in 1964. These volunteers are uniquely skilled in watching whales: Not only are they descendant of New Zealand’s 200-year history of whaling, they were all once whalers themselves. This is their story.

A Peace Within : 7 mins Extreme artist Philip Gray was has travelled far and wide to places like Everest, Antarctica and deep into the Borneo Rainforest to capture what he sees on canvas. In what is quite possibly one of his most ambitious projects Gray heads to Quintana Roo in Mexico with the aim of capturing the Cenotes by painting underwater. This was not the first time he has painted under water and the Cenotes proved a different beast all together, even when compared to painting under an Ice Berg or with the Tiger Sharks of the Bahamas.

The Big Wave Project : 17 mins Five years in the making, The Big Wave Project follows a tight-knit crew of leading big wave surfers who are working together to attempt a personal goal that drills to core passion of surfing: Riding the World’s Biggest Wave. “The Danger Level increases as we attempt to climb a mountain of water where the peak keeps getting higher” Alex Gray, Big Wave Surfer. We hear candid, personal, no-holes barred accounts as the real fear of death walks side by side with ultimate personal glory and the humbling power of the ocean.