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Best of Ocean Film Festival World Tour Vol 1

2h 20m Documentary 2020


A collection of crowd favourites from the Ocean Film Festival World Tour previous 7 years. This program features 5 audience favourites. Films include:

Kayaking the Aleutians: 36 mins No-one has succeeded in kayaking the length of the remote and stormy Aleutian Islands which stretch from Russia to Alaska. Labelled as perhaps the greatest, as yet undone, technical sea kayak expedition in the world, explorers Justine Curgenven and Sarah Outen set out to paddle 2,500km along the archipelago to the nearest road.

Touched by the Ocean: 28 mins Karlis Bardelis and Gints Barkovskis (Latvia), have a plan to row from Luderitz, Namibia, to Rio das Ostras, Brazil. They have no ocean rowing experience, a second-hand row boat and a big dream. A raucous tale of adventure, determination and commitment. Follow the first team to row across the South Atlantic Ocean, relive the joyous, heartfelt, horrendous and painful experience of 141 days at sea in a row boat as they pay homage to the beauty and power of the Ocean.

Stay With Us: 5 mins Take a deep dive into an alien world and meet a unique array of creatures few get to see. A diver and marine life lovers delight.

Sea Gypsies: 48 mins The vessel is the Infinity: a 120-foot nomadic sailboat, built by hand in the 1970s, with no reinforced hull to protect it from ice damage. The crew is a band of wandering gypsy miscreants; with no permits, no insurance and no budget. During the iciest year on record in the Southern Ocean, the Infinity and her 16-strong crew left New Zealand to travel 13,000 kilometres across the Pacific to Patagonia – via Antarctica.

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