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Best of Adventure Reels Volume 2

2h 15m Documentary, Adventure 2020


Enjoy the best of Adventure Reels Volume 2. All the crowd favourites from Adventure Reels tours, including the Ocean Film Festival World Tour, Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Festival, Top Dog Film Festival and more. Curated to take you on a journey and inspire your next adventure.
Films included in volume 2 includes: Ernest: 5 mins Meet Ernest Wilkinson, one of the last of a vanishing breed of mountain men, as he explains what your best survival tool is!

Crossing the Ice: 44 mins Australian adventurers, James Castrission and Justin Jones, dare to tackle the perilous journey across Antarctica to the South Pole and back again, completely unassisted – just two men dragging their food and shelter across 1140 kilometres of barren ice. Many have tried - all have failed.

Surfing with Sugar: 7 mins Meet Ryan Rustan and his canine companion Sugar the surfing dog. Ryan grew up in Huntington Beach and comes from a long line of surfers. From an early age he hung out at the pier and got into a rough crowd of hardcore surf rats, leading to a troubled life as a young man. His path to healing came in an unlikely form: meeting and rescuing a street dog (and future surfing partner), Sugar. The two have since become local legends, inspiring visitors and locals with their abilities in the waves and their special relationship.

Trial and Error: 8 mins Watch trials riding legend Ryan Leech do what he does best – make the bike do the unthinkable.

And Then We Swam: 37 mins In may 2010, two British friends set off from Perth to row across the Indian Ocean in a second-hand boat. Having zero rowing experience, they signed up for an organised race - only to find that the lack of entrants meant there would be no support boat. Undeterred, but apprehensive they set off on their 5600km journey to Mauritius. After 116 gruelling days at sea, the duo was within 8km of the finish line…. when disaster struck!!!

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