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Banff's Radical Reels Tour 2022

2h 10m Documentary, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Climbing 2022

RENT FOR 48 HOURS Radical Reels is the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival’s more outrageous, adventurous little sibling and is characterised by ‘Oh my God’ moments as elite athletes and adventurers conquer their challenges and dreams.

Films inclue:


  • USA, 5 mins

  • A film by: Sämi Ortlieb & Josh Berman
  • A genius blend of stop- motion animation and the natural world, ‘Maneuvers’ is an impressive creation born from one of the most innovative ski filmmakers today, Sami Ortlieb. With some ultra- sick skiing tricks that seem like pure magic, Ortlieb’s unique filming style and ‘landscape animation’ is a real showstopper.


  • Canada, 14 min
  • A film by: Alexa Fay & amp; Sophie Claivaz-Loranger
  • Emilie Pellerin is known as one of the best onsighting climbers around. With her ability to overcome any situation whether it be a stuck rope or a looming storm, Em’s calm approach to life may just be her secret to achieving all that she has.


  • Canada, 12 min
  • Filmmakers: Alexa Fay, Sophie Claivaz-Loranger
  • Lysanne Richard is one of the world’s best international competition high divers. But the 39-year-old Canadian mother of three is ready to focus on personal projects of her own. First on the list is a 22-metre high dive in the dead of winter over a frozen lake, a feat that has never been done. But will it be enough?


  • Norway, 11 mins
  • A film by: Stefan Witts, Kjetil Kriken, Ingrid Spildo, Atle Remmereit
  • An inspiring story of a world class duo of wingsuit flyers and their attempt to complete a routine of moves meant for an altitude of 3000m from a mountainside that is half the height. The large walls that surround them on all sides and a tiny window for success make this dangerous, unchartered territory.


  • USA, 17 min
  • A film by: Graham Zimmerman & Jim Aikman
  • For years alpinists and mountaineers alike have tried their hand at being the first ever to ascend one of the most daring mountains in the world. Link Sar. found in the Central Pakistani Karakoram, is a daunting 7,041 metres in height. In 2019 experienced alpinists Graham Zimmerman, Steve Swenson, Mark Richey and Chris Wright planned to take the mountain via its 3,400 metre south-east face, an imposing and exposed climb for even the most experienced of climbers.


  • UK, 6 min
  • A film by: Robbie Meade, Danny MacAskill & Duncan Shaw
  • Locked down in Scotland for most of 2020, Danny MacAskill was forced to look closer to home when it came to inspiration for his next project. Watch Danny show off his incredible mountain biking skills as he attempts to ride down what has only ever been reserved for climbers and mountaineers.


  • USA, 8 min
  • A film by: Drew Herder, Jaime Cantarovici & Adin Baird,
  • Jump to Zero is the story of 3 BASE jumpers changing the paradigm of human-powered access in action sports.


  • France, 17 min
  • A film by: Antoine Mesnage
  • An experienced team of slackliners decide to make their dream a reality by slacklining between two iconic rock towers in the french Alps. Antione, Camile and their teams combine forces to plan, prepare and pull off an incredibly intricate mission that requires detail and precision. Showcasing the stunning French Alps with 360 degree views, will the team pull off this daring feat?


  • Austria, 10 mins
  • A film by: Christoph Thoresen, Daniel Schiessl & Tobi Reindl
  • Imagine you could link every powder turn, every rail, every cliff drop, every slope on your favourite mountains? Surely it’s every skier’s dream to create the ultimate run down the mountain and for that feeling of flying to never stop. Markus Eder, one of the best freeskiers in the world, takes us on an extraordinary journey of creating his ultimate run, set in the Italian and Austrian Alps where the scenery is not the only thing that’s breathtaking.