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Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival 2022

2h 26m Documentary, skiing, Climbing, Mountain Biking 2022

RENT FOR 48 HOURS The 2022 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is a 3 hour celebration of the mountain and adventure sport world. Sharing over 2 12 hours of the most exhilarating short films from explorers, runners, mountain bikers, skiers, paddlers and climbers from around the globe. The tour is hot on the heels of the largest and most prestigious mountain festivals in the world, the Banff Mountain Festival, which takes place every November in the mountain town of Banff, in Canada.

Inside – A Hole New Ski Experience

  • Austria, 11 minutes
  • Filmmakers: Stefan Ager& Andreas Gumpenberger
  • Focus: Skiing
  • Most people ski tour across mountains. Fewer people ski tour inside them… but Austrian skiers Andreas Gumpenberger and Stefan Ager are not normal people. Always on the lookout for an unusual adventure, the team embark on a ski tour of a huge cave in Slovenia’s Julian Alps. Damp, steep and technical, the expedition exceeds all expectations!

Exit the North Pole (Tour edit)

  • Norway, 51 minutes

  • Filmmaker: Ole-André Lagmandokk
  • Focus: Polar exploration
  • In 24-hour darkness and with temperatures as low as -40c, polar explorers Børge Ousland and Mike Horn attempt the unimaginable: a 1,500km ski expedition across the frozen Arctic Ocean, via the North Pole. With drifting ice and the threat of polar bears, this gruelling journey has been described as the boldest polar expedition of modern times. Not surprisingly, not everything goes as planned.

Follow the Light

  • Andorra, 4 minutes
  • Filmmaker: Pierre Henni
  • Focus: Mountain biking
  • Boasting narrow canyons, dramatic sunsets and illuminated hot air balloons, the unique landforms of Cappadocia in Turkey are the dream setting for a mountain biking spectacular. With mesmerising cinematography and phenomenal riding, immerse yourself in this colourful adventure with top riders Kilian Bron, Pierre Henni, Pierre Dupont and JB Liautard.

Dream Mountain

  • USA, 18 minutes
  • Filmmakers: Cira Crowell
  • Focus: Mountaineering
  • Elite climber Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita has had a trailblazing career, summiting K2, Everest and other world-class peaks. Life changed with the birth of her son, but Pasang decides that to be the best mother she can, she needs to follow her dreams again. Defying expectations and returning to her life-long passion, Pasang attempts her dream mountain: the spectacular Nepalese peak Cholatse.

The Farmer

  • USA, 3 minutes

  • Filmmakers: Michael Brown
  • Focus: Skiing
  • The Farmer spends his winters harvesting one of the most precious crops on earth: Powder. A local legend in the Wasatch Mountains, this film explores how his passion for efficiency and sustainability were utilised to maximise a lifetime of skiing.

The Mystery

  • USA, 10 minutes

  • Filmmakers: Tommy Penick, Forest Woodward
  • Focus: Paddling
  • Within the sport of kayaking, exists whitewater–and within that, the mysterious sect of “squirtboating”, which has been facing its slow demise since its heyday in the early 1990s.

A Dog’s Tale (Tour Edit)

  • Canada, 5 minutes

  • Filmmaker: Darren McCullough
  • Focus: Mountain biking
  • A celebration of the joy of mountain biking, as seen through the eyes of our four-legged friends. Join pups of all sizes as they take on gnarly jumps, sweeping corners and berms… with a belly rub at the end. These feisty and loveable trail dogs enjoy being in the outdoors as much as us humans – and often outclass their pro-rider owners.

Reel Rock: Action Directe

  • USA, 16 minutes

  • Filmmaker: Zachary Barr
  • Focus: Climbing
  • French climber and powerhouse Melissa Le Nevé spends seven years battling insane moves, inner doubt and the burden of history to become the first woman to climb the most revered sport route on earth – the 5.14d Action Directe in Frankenjura, Germany.