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15m Documentary, ski 2020

In March of 2011, the island of Japan was devastated by the fourth largest earthquake in history. The earthquake and subsequent tsunami resulted in the complete meltdown of the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant. A nuclear catastrophe of this scale has not been seen since Chernobyl and the effects are still being felt today. Aizu, tells the story of the disaster through the eyes of local snowboarders, Futa and Hiroki, and shows how snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding are central to this vibrant and resilient community as they continue to rebuild.

Starring: Adachi Futa & Hiroki Matsuura Featuring: Micah Evangelista, Sophia Rouches & Masa

Directed By: Mattias Evangelista Produced By: Phil Osborn & Kei Ishiuchi Cinematography By: Mattias Evangelista, Micah Evangelista & Dylan Hallett Colorist: Elliott Powell Sound Design: Roman Richard Edited By: Mattias Evangelista & Christian Carvallo Title Design: Madeline Preece Still Photography: Dylan Hallett

Music By: Mark Hadley, Marisa Anderson & Ruby Haunt

Shot on Location: Fukushima, Japan