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Adventure Reels: Mountain Culture & Environment

2h 30m Documentary, Adventure, Mountain biking, Photography 2020

RENT FOR 48 HOURS: This program of short films explores mountain culture and the natural environment. Curated by the team at Adventure Reels to inspire and expand your horizons. Featuring 5 all new films that not yet been screened on an Adventure Reels Tour in cinemas, the program will introduce you to the guardian of biodiversity in the Andes Mountains in South America and a band of Polo players in the remote Northern Territories of Pakistan. Explore the birthplace of skiing and meet the indigenous youth from the Yukon who have spent the past 10 years converting traditional trails around their town into a world-class mountain biking destination.

The films in this program are Shift, Opening the Earth: The Potato King, Wild Snow, For the Love of the Game & Camera Trap. PLEASE NOTE 4 OF THE FILMS IN THIS PROGRAM ARE SUBTITLED.

Altay Wild Snow: 27 mins Travel into the remote landscapes of the Altay Mountains in China and learn about the birthplace and the cultural origins of skiing.

Opening the Earth: The Potato King (edit) 50 mins Julio Hancco is a guardian of biodiversity, critical to the survival of humanity. He represents a people, a culture, and way of life that is being lost to modernization. Will their culture survive? Or will it all be lost with the last Potato King?

Shift: 28 mins A compelling film about a group of indigenous youth who spent 10 years converting traditional trails around their hometown of Carcross, Yukon into a world-class mountain biking destination – and are transforming their community and themselves along the way.

For the Love of the Game: 7 mins In the Northern Territories of Pakistan, teams from rivalling valleys get ready to meet on the world’s highest polo ground, while Sikander Ul Mulk reflects on his long career as a leader.

Camera Trap: 25mins Join aspiring wildlife photographer Peter Mather as he puts everything on the line in his quest to get one defining photograph to tell the story of the Porcupine caribou herd and inspire people to save the greatest land migration on earth.