Mama (2017)

  • Documentary, Adventure, Rock Climbing, Female, Sport
  • 44min

RENT FOR 48 HOURS: ‘Mama’ is a feature documentary about one of the most important figures of last two decades in Polish sport climbing – Kinga Ociepka-Grzegulska. After 20 years of living her passion, Kinga sets herself a new goal – to climb the route that no other woman has ever done before. The film was shot in and nearby Krakow (Poland) where Kinga grew up and lives since 31 years. It shows the most important places in the largest climbing community in Poland such as Mamutowa Cave where the historical route named “Sprawa Honoru” (“A Matter of Honour”) is situated. Kinga is the very first woman in the world to be a mother of two kids and maintain a world-class level in climbing. People’s Choice Award, Best Polish Film & Best Climbing Film – Kraków Mountain Festival. Special Jury Mention – Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival. People’s Choice Award & Best Climbing Film – Ladek Mountain Festival. People’s Choice Award – Mountain Festival Adrenalinium. Jury Award – Mendi Bilbao Film Festival. Official Selections 2017: Mountain Film Festival & Kendal Mountain Film Festival.