Banff Mountain Film Festival 2020 - Radical Reels (2020)

  • Adventure, Action, Documentary
  • 2h 5m

AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR ONE WEEK STARTING 29 JULY. YOU HAVE 48 HOURS TO VIEW THE PROGRAM AFTER YOU START WATCHING THE PROGRAM. A program of the Banff Mountain Film Festival this very special COVID-19 Radical Reels Tour will happen online. Radical Reels showcases all the high adrenaline films from the annual Banff Mountain Film Festival. This year’s tour promises to get your pulse racing, from the comfort and safety of your home. Watch death defying feats of pure genius, verging on insanity, shot in some of the planets most spectacular settings. Transporting audiences from glacial fed rivers of Ladakh on a solo paddling expedition to climb the most remote mountain on the planet. Witness breathtaking mountain biking stunts and join dedicated adventurers on their own personal epic challenges. Radical Reels promises the best of skiing, climbing, and biking not to mention human resilience and astounding skill. Taking viewers on an adrenaline-powered journey with stomach-dropping ski descents, the Radical Reels Tour offers 2 hours of endorphin-inducing deep and steep fresh powder runs, mad capped alpine missions, climbing on the precipice of safety, and much more.
FILMS INCLUDE: Return to Earth (special Banff tour edit), The Ladakh Project, Hunza, The Flip, Reel Rock The High Road, Spectre.