Banff Mountain Film Festival 2020 - Climbing Collection (2020)

  • Adventure, Climbing
  • 2h 5m

AVAILABLE ONLINE TO VIEW UNTIL THE 21st AUGUST. YOU HAVE 48 HOURS TO VIEW THE PROGRAM AFTER YOU FIRST START WATCHING IT. A white knuckle look into the diverse world of climbing. Free solo towering boulders with Nina Williams, ski mountaineer majestic Himalayan peaks, discover the most remote climbs on the planet and delve into the world of speed climbing.
5 inspiring climbing films that will fuel your passion for adventure. FILMS INCLUDE: Reel Rock: The High Road, Out on a Limb, Lhotse, Spectre, Reel Rock: Up to Speed NOTE THIS PROGRAM INCLUDES TWO FILMS THAT ARE ALSO IN RADICAL REELS. BUY THE BUNDLE AND SAVE*