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Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival - Classic Collection

2h 5m Documentary 2012

RENT FOR 48 HOURS The collection of global crowd favourites from Banff Mountain Film Festivals of the past will take you on a trip down memory lane, stunning landscapes and far flung places. Featuring 5 short films from the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival

All.I.CAN - Urban Ski Segment Join JP Auclair, is an unbelievable skier, one of the absolute all-time best. This film was his vision and delighted audiences around the globe. (also has a cracker of a soundtrack)

WILD WATER Wild Water is a journey into the mind and soul of whitewater, into the places only river runners can go, places of discovery, solitude and risk.

THE LAST HONEY HUNTER In the steep mountain jungles of Nepal’s Hongu river valley, members of the isolated Kulung culture have risked their lives for generations scaling dangerous cliffs to collect a wild and toxic honey. Deep and dark, the film glides through a misty world of forest spirits, dreams, and woodsmoke to share the story of the leader of the harvest and his final journey.

LILY SHREDS TRAILSIDE Join Lily the energetic Jack Russell doing what she loves best, chasing bikes.

ON THE TRAIL OF GENGHIS KHAN For Australian adventurer Tim Cope, this was the journey of a lifetime - travelling 10,000 kms alone on horseback across the Eurasian steppe through Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Hungary. From the former Mongol capital Karakorum to the Danube, Tim retraced the path of the first nomads and followed the route taken by legendary Genghis Khan as he forged his great empire.